Executive Search Recruitment

Executive search recruitment is the process of finding senior level candidates, capable of filling specialist roles. Recruitment agencies work by sourcing exceptional talent in a particular sector to ultimately find the perfect candidate for your business.

Executive search recruitment starts with an employer approaching an executive agency. This will spring the agency to delve into what the employer demands from an employee, in terms of character and talent. This allows the executive search recruitment agency to narrow down possible candidates and refine them to the specific wants of the employer.

After narrowing down the candidates, the recruitment agency will show the employer whom they believe are suitable for the role and help with negotiations if needed.

Executive Search Recruitment

What is the difference between recruitment and executive recruitment search?

One of the main differences between regular recruitment and executive recruitment search is the type of candidate put forward by the agency. Regular recruitment agencies will find suitable candidates for the role whereas executive recruitment search will find an exact match, working closely with the requirements of the employer. This allows employers to be confident that the candidate chosen is capable of the workload and depends on the role.

Another difference between the two is that the regular recruitment process sources job seekers actively searching for work whereas executive search recruitment sources those from a pool of passive candidates who are currently in work but open to hearing about new opportunities. This, therefore, helps source candidates with the most up to date training as well as recent experience in the role. This, therefore, provides you with the best candidates for the job.

Finally, regular recruitment agencies work on a contingency basis whilst executive search recruitment agencies work on a retained basis. Working on a contingency basis means the timescale and budget can fluctuate meaning an employer can never be sure how much time and money the recruitment process is going to cost them. This is where executive search recruitment is very beneficial as they work on a retained basis meaning they have one set price for their services, creating a sense of security for the employer.